Collaboration with the customer

Partnership model creates opportunities for Aibel to develop its business

With a single point of contact to all the necessary facility management professionals, the Norwegian company Aibel can focus on what they do best. This year we celebrate ten years of partnership and prepare to take on new joint projects.
The Norwegian company Aibel specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of facilities in the energy sector. The company operates at six locations across Norway and Coor has been delivering facility management services to all of Aibel’s sites for the past ten years. The contract includes cleaning, property management, restaurant, reception, security, mail handling, plant and – most recently – workplace advisory services.

"Now we have enlisted the help of Coor Advisory to design a modern workplace at our engineering office in Asker,” says Mette Steinsland, Head of Facility Management at Aibel.

“This is precisely what creates the greatest value in our work with Coor – having a broad and professional facility management organisation behind us. We can always contact Coor’s experts to discuss concerns and ideas and they often come up with their own initiatives.”

Coor and Aibel’s collaboration is based on a partnership model where both parties share values, goals, results, risks and rewards.
Adam Därnemyr, Contract Manager at Coor and Mette Steinsland, Head of Facility Management at Aibel.
Mette Steinsland describes the partnership as a successful journey.
“The partnership model gives us a special focus. Coor just wants to do what is best for us at Aibel and as a partner is very flexible and understanding.”

Adam Därnemyr, Contract Manager at Coor, agrees with her.
“We have managed to make big savings for Aibel and have shown ourselves to be very flexible. Aibel trusts our decisions. This means that we can save money for them but also that they allow us to invest in what we judge to be important,” he says.

Coor’s IFM delivery engages 65 employees and covers many of the company’s service areas, but the interface with the customer is always a single point of contact, whatever the issue.
“Having a single point of contact has created important synergies and savings for us,” says Mette Steinsland.

The contract between Aibel and Coor was recently extended by five years. The decision was based both on the success of the collaboration so far and on future joint development opportunities.

The new contract covers the existing delivery as well as a series of future improvements proposed by Coor.
“We had a very good dialogue with Coor and took the view that this was such an interesting avenue to explore that we decided not to invite tenders from other providers,” says Mette Steinsland.


Aibel builds and maintains platforms and other critical infrastructure for the energy industry. The company has a leading position in the European offshore wind industry as well as in the electrification of offshore oil and gas installations and onshore processing facilities. Aibel is one of the largest service providers on the Norwegian continental shelf and offers a complete range of innovative and sustainable solutions. Over 5,000 employees work at the company’s offices in Norway, Thailand and Singapore. Aibel also owns two modern shipyards in Haugesund, Norway, and in Laem Chabang, Thailand, with significant capacity for prefabrication and construction.