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Coor and ATP Ejendomme initiate a partnership for tomorrow’s office properties

Photo: ATP Ejendomme. Photographer: Rune Johansen
Coor and ATP Ejendomme, a Danish real estate company, are working together to meet customers’ need for smart and sustainable offices with good service.
Square footage and an attractive location are no longer enough for companies looking to rent office space. Today there is also a desire for “space as a service” – a more sustainable office environment with an advanced service offering.

This is the background to why ATP Ejendomme has entered into a partnership with Coor regarding a new, data-driven service offering.

“We have a clear ambition to create office environments that support our customers’ business and success. This is where space as a service and facility management play a key role, and I am glad that Coor is helping us with this,” says Martin Vang Hansen, CEO of ATP Ejendomme.

Data is the key to success
Data use is a fundamental part of the partnership and is essential to enabling customisation of the services. A good example of how data can be used to improve the customers’ service experience are sensors that register use of office spaces, meeting rooms and corridors, allowing Coor to adapt its cleaning services to the customers’ needs.

According to Jørgen Utzon, President of Coor in Denmark, it is precisely this ability to tailor the service that is the key to success:
“At Coor we strive to create smart workplaces that promote the greatest possible job satisfaction and well-being at work. We combine our knowledge in service delivery with innovative data use, enabling ATP Ejendomme to make life easier for its customers,” he says.

An expanding partnership
The partnership began in October 2022 with seven properties in Copenhagen, where Coor is responsible for the maintenance of outdoor environments and operation of the lunch restaurants. On 1 December 2023, the collaboration was expanded to include another ten properties, and the plan is to gradually add further properties in 2024.

Coor’s contract with ATP Ejendomme

The service contract covers 27 of ATP Ejendomme’s properties in Copenhagen. In the initial stage, common areas in properties with multiple users are included in the contract. Longer-term, office customers will also be able to purchase services such as window cleaning, cleaning and property maintenance.

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