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Christian personifies passion for service

Christian Reimers
Lives in: Everdrup, Denmark
Age: 44 years
Job: Handyman at GN.
Christian Reimers, a handyman at GN in Ballerup, Denmark, was named Employee of the Year 2023 at the Coor Awards. His warm personality, helpful attitude and the fact that he epitomises “passion for service” made him a clear winner.
Christian Reimers started at Coor in 2020 and works as a handyman at GN in Ballerup, Denmark. He is liked by customers and colleagues, who say that he always takes time to offer a word of support and a helping hand, even on stressful days when there is a lot going on.

“I try to have a positive attitude and my goal is to find solutions based on the customer’s wishes while also ensuring that my colleagues are happy. Having fun at work helps too; we joke and laugh a lot in our team.”

One example of Christian’s solution-focused attitude is when he stepped in as a receptionist for a few days in the spring, when there was a shortage of staff due to illness. His help was appreciated by customers and colleagues alike and Christian wouldn’t hesitate to try another role in the future if necessary.

Whether he is doing skilled manual work or manning the reception desk, he has a simple recipe for good service:
“I always try to exceed the customer’s expectations. It might sound cliché but it gives me so much joy when I see that the customers are happy.”