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Sensors improve our understanding of how buildings are used

This is the future of cleaning. Nicoletta Peter and Monika Kissova from Coor participated in the pilot project and are very satisfied with the results.
Data-driven cleaning is an important focus area for Coor. At one of Equinor’s offices, Coor has recently completed a pilot project where sensors from Disruptive Technologies communicate with the CleanPilot digital tool and Coor’s digital cleaning plans.
The aim of the project was to investigate how different spaces in the buildings are used and then adapt the cleaning accordingly. Normally, cleaning is done based on an agreed frequency regardless of whether a particular room has been used or not.

Sensors measure the use of meeting rooms
Disruptive Technologies offers a solution where a “connector” is installed in the building. An almost unlimited number of sensors can be connected to the connector, which in turn is integrated with software. In the pilot project at Equinor, sensors were used to measure how frequently meeting rooms and toilets are used. The sensors are either touch panels, or small devices the size of a postage stamp that register door-open activity, or motion sensors.

In addition to challenging the way the cleaning is organised, the project has made Coor and the customer more aware of the opportunities created by sensors when it comes to understanding how buildings are used. In cleaning, this means, for example, that if you have data showing that a room has not been used there is no need to clean it. This is naturally positive from the customer’s perspective as it allows the cleaners to spend their time on more value-creating tasks. It also has a positive knock-on effect on the employees’ motivation and work environment as their day-to-day tasks become more meaningful and less routine-based.

Using data helps Coor to develop premises for new ways of working
Sensor data can also help us to rethink how we use spaces in a building. In many cases, for example, the need for large meeting rooms has decreased in recent years. These rooms are instead used for activities such as Teams meetings and phone calls. Smaller booths could be introduced for these types of activities instead.

How we move forward with sensor technology at Equinor will be decided in the near future, and there are many exciting facts and good results to consider.

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Equinor is an international energy company committed to long-term value creation in a low-carbon future. Equinor has a project portfolio that includes oil and gas, renewable energy and low-carbon solutions and is aiming to become a net-zero energy company by 2050. The company is headquartered in Stavanger in Norway and is the leading operator on the Norwegian continental shelf. Equinor has offices in 30 countries worldwide.

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