Meet our customers

Three questions to Jens Ebbe Rasmussen, Senior Vice President Business Development & Sales at Coor

How was the year growth-wise?
“New sales in 2023 were very strong. The year was the third best in Coor’s history.”

What has made Coor so successful?
“Our success is based on Coor’s ability to be our customers’ partner and help develop solutions, whether by providing service expertise, innovations or transformation project management. This year was marked by success across all segments: large and complex first-time IFM outsourcing contracts, structured procurements in IFM as well as single services, and proactive sales to smaller customers.”

What activities has Coor implemented to support growth?
“Coor was a pioneer in offering IFM in the Nordics and has historically been awarded the majority of large first-time outsourcing contracts. We have managed to maintain that expertise by continuously investing in business development capabilities. This investment has served us well, as we today have very strong project managers in traditional RFP (Request for Proposal) processes. Furthermore, we have managed to strengthen our ability to proactively sell to smaller customers. We have built sales capacity in new geographies and also managed to reap sales synergies, in this segment, through the acquisitions we have made in recent years. Finally, I would like to highlight the major investments we are currently making in innovation. Innovations solve our customers’ needs or challenges in new, better and more value-creating ways. Offering services with such characteristics, to me, is less of selling and more of being the customers partner.”