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Star-class service in a world-class shopping centre

Jumbo-Flamingo is Finland’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales and attracts close to 12 million visitors annually. Coor’s goal is to ensure that its cleaning services meet the expectations of the shopping centre’s tenants and visitors.
Located on the outskirts of Helsinki, Jumbo-Flamingo is home to around 170 shops as well as a spa, hotel, cinema, two superstores, cafés and restaurants. The property services are handled by a team of around 50 people, consisting of employees from different companies. As Head of Property Services, Erno Kosonen is responsible for coordinating the services and ensuring the quality and functionality of Coor’s property services.

“All tenants and visitors have their own expectations and wishes for how things should be at Jumbo-Flamingo, and we strive to meet them all in the best way possible,” Erno Kosonen says.

The large number of visitors to the shopping centre also places special demands on Coor, which handles the cleaning at Jumbo-Flamingo. It obviously gets dirty faster when there are many visitors, who also expect it to be clean and tidy at all times.

On the outdoor surfaces, gravel, salt and sand are used to prevent slipping but can pose a risk to visitors when it is dragged into the shopping centre.
“Dirt is not only an aesthetic issue but often poses a safety risk indoors because visitors can slip and fall,” Coor’s group manager Gerli Feldman points out.

Finland’s most sustainable shopping centre
Jumbo-Flamingo strives to be Finland’s most sustainable shopping centre, in terms of both environmental and social sustainability. Sustainability is integrated into the operations in several ways. In cleaning, ozone water is often used, for example in the play areas, where ozone water cleaning has proven to be an effective and safe method.

Coor’s cleaners have a cleaning robot to assist them with the heaviest tasks.
“Vacuuming is a tiring task for the cleaners, causing strain especially to the hands and back. The cleaning robot handles the heaviest tasks for keeping the floor areas clean, which also improves the ergonomics for our employees,” Gerli Feldman says.

Development to meet expectations
In order to meet the expectations of those who use the premises, Coor is continually developing its services. The employees are passionate about developing the service provided and Coor’s FM services at the shopping centre. Improvements that originated with Coor’s cleaners include the testing of fixed floor mats in places where regular mats do not stay in place. Another improvement is the introduction of a new type of hand towel dispenser with higher-quality towels, improved dispensing performance and a larger container with a greater towel capacity.

“For me, it is important to listen to all suggestions for improvements, even if we can’t implement them all. The cleaners are experts in their field, and the best results are achieved when enough time is set aside to consider all proposals,” Erno Kosonen concludes.

Cleaning a shopping centre is challenging as the large number of visitors means that dirt builds up quickly and it is difficult for the cleaners to be everywhere, all the time. The ambitions are high as are the expectations. Coor’s customer is satisfied and notes that Jumbo-Flamingo is a clean centre.

About Jumbo-Flamingo

Jumbo-Flamingo is Finland’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales and attracts almost 12 million visitors annually. The shopping centre has around 170 shops as well as a spa, hotel, cinema, two superstores and a number of cafés and restaurants. Coor has been responsible for cleaning Flamingo’s common areas since its opening in 2008 and for cleaning in Jumbo since 1 February 2023.

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