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Returning employee Kristina missed the sense of camaraderie

Kristina Johansen
Lives in: Bergen, Noway
Age: 43 years
Job: Head of HSEQ.
Kristina Johansen wanted to try out working for a new employer, but she always had a yearning to return to Coor in Norway.
“There is a genuine concern for people here,” she says.
Kristina Johansen had got off to a flying start at Coor. As a business developer, she was involved in developing a gamification tool to digitise Coor’s internal training programmes on the Code of Conduct. Then came COVID-19 and much of Kristina’s work was put on hold as employees were furloughed.

“As my role was quite new, I felt a bit uncertain about what this would mean going forward. I started looking at what jobs were available, and after working at Coor for a year and a half I left the company with a heavy heart,” Kristina Johansen says.

She ended up at another good workplace, but missed her previous employer.
“I missed the people, the working environment, the customers. Coor is a very good company to work for. There is an openness here, people listen to you and it is possible to change things. Things also move a bit faster here than in many other places.”  

Then, after another year and a half at her new job, she received a call from one of her former colleagues.  

“It’s a different role from the one I had, but my colleagues and the department are the same.” Getting back into the swing of things was very easy.

There were a few things in particular that made her choose to come back.
Flexibility, freedom with responsibility and the ability to influence things are important to me. At Coor, everyone has their own responsibility but you also have many good colleagues you can ask if you are unsure about something.”