Envirosense promotes the transition to greener workplaces

Offices perform an important function in a hybrid working model. This is shown by our own research as well as external research. As more employers adapt their offices to the new way of working, they also need to make their offices environmentally sustainable. Our new data-driven Envirosense concept has been designed to help our customers to manage this transition.
The transition to a greener workplace requires action in several areas, and as a provider of integrated facility management services we are in an unique position to be able to help our customers implement the necessary measures.

“Through Envirosense, we collect data and analyse the office’s climate impact in the key areas office space, commuting, energy, food and beverages, circularity, waste and water. Based on the analyses, we then help our customers to prioritise actions, set goals and develop concrete measures to reduce their climate impact,” says Oscar Stjernborg, Head of Coor Advisory.

We offer smart solutions that save energy and reduce water consumption, but a big part of our work involves changing the behaviour of the people who use the services.

“We need to devise measures which ensure that the options that are best for the climate are also the most attractive in the seven key areas we have identified, for example by offering charging points for cars, good bicycle storage facilities and other peripheral services so that more people will choose a non-fossil fuel means of commuting to and from work,” says Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation at Coor.  

Envirosense’s seven key areas:

  • Office space – we use sensors to see what space is needed and how it can be used optimally
  • Commuting – we design services that inspire employees to choose non-fossil fuel modes of transport
  • Energy – we offer services and solutions with smart control and more sustainable energy sources that reduce energy use
  • Food and beverages – we adapt our menus to include more sustainable options and try to make these the most attractive ones
  • Circularity – we strive to ensure that all our products, services and solutions have circular lifecycles
  • Waste management – we offer services for smarter and more flexible source separation to promote recycling and reduce transport
  • Water – we develop and offer services that reduce water consumption and the climate impact of water consumption